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Yoga + Surf + Fitness Retreat
Jan Juc Victoria November 1-4th, 2019

We get it.. Winter has been long and arduous. You’ve overindulged in Netflix and probably had a little too much comfort food. But never fear, Tys and Em are here and we’ve put together a wellness weekend away to press the ‘reset’ button and kick start some new healthy habits. Full of all things yoga, surfing, meditation, exercise, healthy food and chill time this long weekend retreat will kick start your summer and leave you feeling inspired to continue your new healthy habits into the rest of the year. 

Join us for 3 nights on the beautiful surf coast of Victoria in Jan Juc for a wellness retreat with all the trimmings. 


Mindful Man Project Podcast

Tackling all the important issues that sets Men.. and women into anxiety and depression. Episodes on how to manage funds, start a business, relate to your partner.


About Tyson

Tyson Venables is a health and fitness professional. Having worked in wellness for over 10 years.

Tyson has a wealth of knowledge about the human body and how to help each individual reach their highest potential. 

As a qualified Personal Trainer, Cross Fit Coach and yoga teacher Tyson’s approach to movement is holistic and takes into consideration each individuals needs. He works closely with his clients to determine the best programs necessary to help them reach their goals and create healthy sustainable lifestyles. 

Whether you’re joining him for a PT session, group class or yoga class, Tyson’s approach will see you moving in a functional and strong manner. Pushing the body when it needs to be pushed but also knowing when to hold back and allow the body and mind to rest.

Tyson has a deep passion for mental health, particularly Men’s mental health. His mission is to show that through fitness, yoga and meditation men can find ways to navigate the stress’ of life so that they do not have to suffer through depression or substance abuse. He runs a programme called Lad Labs which serves as an educational community for men to gather, grow and learn how to be better humans. 

When he’s not working out, practicing yoga or meditating you’ll find him chasing the sunshine and waves down the coast or cooking up a storm in the kitchen. 

  • Cert 3 and 4 in Fitness

  • Level 1 and 2 Functional movement screening and programming (FMS)

  • Level 1 CrossFit trainer

  • 200HR Vinyasa Yoga Teacher

  • CrossFit weightlifting and gymnastics certified

  • Senior First Aid

My expertise is Constructing Better Bodies and Minds paired with a wholesome lifestyle choices. 

Services I offer to get those better bodies include:

One-on-one Personal training

Online coaching

Health and food guidance

Small group HIIT

Yoga and meditation

Located in Melbourne Victoria

Happy Clients

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  • This legend Tyson Venables was such a dude when I recently did a six week training programme with him. He’s very inspiring and put up with my I don’t want to do this attitude. I have never been one to train but it helped me to feel strong and gain body definition. I loved every class I made in the six weeks and highly recommend doing it with him. I'd definitely go back and do it again. The best part of training with Tyson is he makes you accountable and is very accurate, so you are safe. He’s so patient and helps you to self motivate by asking you questions. It’s great to be seen as more than just a body click his page for more info
    — Tina T

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  • "The strong yogi project has complimented my yoga practise tremendously. It has left me feeling so much more capable and strong in my body! Would recommend to anyone trying to improve their practise."
    — Mitch P
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  • I wanted to get stronger, fitter and most importantly I just wanted to train free of pain. I tore my left rotator cuff some years back which resulted in constant shoulder pain and eventually an impingement which I thought I was stuck with forever unless I had surgery. Before I met and started working with Tyson I had spent in excess of $2000 over a number of years with other trainers and physios to get things righted. Having Tyson as my personal trainer I have been able achieve goals that I thought were unattainable, through patience, form improvement and strengthening areas that I thought were completely unrelated to my injury. Working with Tyson was working with someone who wanted to set me up for success and who really cared. If you have tried other PT’s and think they’re pretty similar, you’re right. Tyson is not a typical PT, some of his techniques for getting the best out of me felt different at first – but they always worked, as they were tailored just for me!
    — Ben P

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"Before starting training with Tyson I had been trying to lose weight and live a healthier lifestyle but i found myself in a slump. I approached Tyson with my struggles and he was more than happy to take me under his wing and guide me down the right paths both physically and nutritionally. Over the years before contacting Tyson i had tried many different diets and had been a member of different gyms but never tried a personal trainer. Tyson set programs for me to use both at the gym and exercises i could do in my own home on the days i didn't have a PT with him. As well as setting pratical meal plans and re educating me in healthy eating. Through training with Tyson i was encouraged to step out of my comfort zone to learn new exercises and explore new machines at the gym. I became confident in using weights, something which i had never touched before and soon began to see improvements in my strength, fitness and weightloss. During my time with Tyson i had many ups and downs in reaching goals however Tyson referred me to other health experts who assisted me with underlying health problems I didnt know existed. Through Tyson's perseverance and encouragement of pushing me when i just wanted to give up I reached the goal of fitting into my wedding dress and was able to get my body healthy enough to fall pregnant with my first child. Tyson taught me that anything is possible you just have to be positive, work hard and put your mind to it. I also learnt that although my main goal was to lose weight not everything is about weightloss. Some weeks i might not have had a loss on scales, but Tyson reminded me that during that week i had managed to get deeper in my squats, stronger in my push ups or add an extra box jump to my personal best and that in itself is the real goal. If anyone is looking to make a change whether is be lose weight, tone up, improve strength or anything i HIGHLY recommend contacting Tyson it will be the best decision you make all day
— Tash M

pic cred: @samuel_costin


Having Tyson as my personal trainer I have been able achieve goals that I thought were unattainable, through patience, form improvement and strengthening areas that I thought were completely unrelated to my injury.
— Ben R