I went and saw a “Shrink”, does that make me crazy?

Does talking about seeing a counsellor or therapist get you all squirmy in the stomach and have you thinking people will think you’re crazy if you go to one?


I’ll be honest here, i’ve been battling some shitty anxiety issues lately. It’s a thing that comes from time to time. Sometimes it sticks around longer than intended or longer than i’ve even realised its there

Seeking out help and having that outside set of ears, someone who can make sense of the non-sense in your head is like the cool fresh air after a rain shower. They help to unpack the noise, or just listen to you ramble until you’ve unpacked it for yourself

Over the years i’ve been to a few for a myriad of reasons. But one thing i’ve done is stopped going when i “feel” better or feel people will judge me if i open up that i am going to someone for help

Now i’m not about to jump off a bridge or try and take a bunch of pills to end it (been there done that)

I like to think of the counsellor this time around as the person with the torch shining the light forward when things don’t seem so bright. Or better still relating it to my industry. she’s my PT for my brain and mental health, someone who can help strengthen that side of me

I encourage anyone who may or may not be feeling depressed or anxious to seek out help from a professional who can assist in unpacking the ideas and thoughts that could be bombarding you on a daily occurrence

There comes a time as a society that we need to break the stigma of people who are going to see a counsellor/ therapist

They aren’t crazy, they are actually stronger and becoming stronger for the experience

It’s those who bring them down or are afraid to talk who are weaker.
Lifting people up who seek help for anything, thats the key

If at any time you feel you are in need for a chat or may harm yourself please reach out to those around or contact the services below;

Beyond blue : 1300 22 4636 

Lifeline : 131114

Mens Line : 1300 78 99 78

8 weeks to a new you!

8 weeks to a new you!

The 6-8 week Weight-loss, body transformation challenge.... The cancer of the fitness industry

Yes i said it.

I’ve had enough of hearing about people who have done these 6-8 week challenges at functional fitness gyms and with personal trainers... Only to put on fat weight, lose muscle weight and rebound weight wise post challenge.

As fitness “professionals” where do these facilities get off taking money off people, who are desperate to lose weight and change their body composition...

Only to limit their caloric intake to such an extreme that when the participant finishes the challenge they rebound in weight...

Their body is in such a state of shock it holds onto anything that goes into their mouth in case this starvation period occurs again...

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Listening to your body

Listening to your body

How many of you out there get dedicated “You time”?

Away from work colleagues, family, partners, friends?

Time to only focus on you?

Do something fun or relax and not think about things or think about things without the outside noise?

I love my job, i love the relationships i have. But quite often i put all those people before myself. It’s something i’ve done for quite a while and it’s been a bone of contention and pattern in my life. Which has led to a health related illness in the past.

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Shoulder and pec trigger point release

Over the years I’ve been given, taught and shown many methods to help open the thoracic and chest when it’s become tight. 


The video will show three progressions and the best options I’ve used to really get in there and self manipulate the trigger points and get those tight muscles to release and ready for work

It you suffer from rounded shoulders or hunching of the back these areas could be where you need to address first. 

Ill be releasing more videos shortly in follow up to show you the flip side of trigger pointing. The activation and firing up the muscles that work together to help improve your posture, overhead position and healthy mid back and chest. 

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Failure. It kicks you in the feels. Hard.

Recently I had a failure/ learning experience with something I’ve been working on. Being so deeply invested in it mentally and emotionally when it didn't go to plan it really knocked me down, like a hit in baby maker. So it was a trip down the depressive slippery slope of self worth after not succeeding at this project.

Now i could have sat and continued on my little path of self destruction. The writing was on the wall. All the same patterns i’ve experienced before in past failures, be it relationships, jobs, or just allowing the self worth internal head talk get the better of me.

I am lucky I have put so much work into my own personal development both mentally and physically. This is what has saved me time and time again. Having the ability to see those signs that the floor is falling away and the imminent plummet into the dark abyss of previous depressive behaviours, seeing the signs and being able to right the ship.

Instead this time.

I felt the feels, like a boxer getting hit in the solar plexus, a surfer gasping for air after a 5 wave hold down. I stopped myself from going down that road. I gathered my thoughts. Put pen to paper, and wrote.

I didn’t write thoughts or what i was upset about. I knew what it was.

Instead I focussed on what it was that i missed, what i could have and can do better this next time round. What loose ends did i not tie up.

I identified the areas i’m weak in and decided if they are areas i need to develop myself or enlist the help of specialist people who know what they are doing and can have those tasks i put off due to not knowing and just hoping they’d solve themselves.

Soon after doing this. The funk was gone. The grey clouds cleared up.

I set in motion a plan and began reaching out to people who can help and propel this project out of the stratosphere.


I am forever grateful for the work i’ve put in. It’s a life saver. Literally…

I really want to be working and helping people who are feeling lost or can’t break a cycle, can’t get out of the broken record of the world is against them. It’s not. It’s their thought process. Its what can be broken. When it does break it what can have you strutting down the road with a smile on your face, sun in the sky on the path to success and happiness.

What i want to know is what lights your fire? What dulls it? Would you want to work towards stoking that fire?

Why your body won’t go where you wish for it to go


With thanks to Plato’s, the chariot allegory

If the chariot is our body

The horses pulling the chariot are our emotions

And the rider is our mind

So if the horses are dragging the rider against his will, danger is coming.

If we are in charge of our mind we are in charge of the direction on where we are headed physically. The horses (emotions) will be under control if the rider (mind) has a clear thought process.

This is a big reason why I feel meditation is such a big part of how we can become in control of our minds and have further control of our bodies and where we actually physically want to take them.

Do you often find you act off emotions? Then later realise it probably wasn’t the right decision? I know I do especially when I haven’t meditated for a day or so. My head becomes cloudy and full of random thoughts and what I think is right because my emotions get in the way of the clear thoughts.

There is something amazing in sitting and just Breathing, even before you make a decision whether it’s big or small. Breathe, and think of the direction you wish to go.

This can also carry over into any workout. Forgetting to breathe and getting caught up with the emotion leaves you tired and fatigued, far quicker than if you stay in control of your mind and breathing, your longevity in your physical activity will be extended. Only giving out when you literally can’t go any deeper.

I’m interested to hear how many of your meditate, how many don’t, what type works for you, if you apply meditation techniques in day to day life outside of a meditation session.

Drop me a message or comment below.



Why your yin is killing your yang! Or vice versa


In the words of the classic police movie... “stop.. put your hands behind your head, and get out of the vehicle”


This vehicle being your crazy “busy” stressful lifestyle. How many of you go to the gym to escape the outside world? Put yourself through an intense workout. Feel brilliant soon after, like you’ve expended all your pent up frustration and anger or upset with the world only to soon after feel like you’re back to where you were before you entered the gym?

Now I’m not saying stop going to the gym, that would be cutting off my main source of income. Why I’m writing this is, do you have your yin to your yang? Your slow to you go go go? We all need it. You'll find out more. Keep reading.

How many stressful aspects do you have in your life? This could be work, relationships or lack there of, hours of sleep a night, food or heavy bouts of alcohol anything that leaves you down, stressed, worn out or tired.

Go ahead tally them up, include vigorous exercise in there, note down the number of days each occurs and the frequency. How many you get? 2, 7, 14 or more?


Bear Strength Man Camps

April 20 - 22. Lorne Victoria click for more details.


Ok now let’s do the non stressful, calming aspects of your life that you actively do regularly.... exclude alcohol and highly sugary foods... tally those up. These can be things like walks on the beach, forest, yoga, meditation, stretching, sex anything that you feel at ease doesn’t make you fatigued and feels as ease to do and feel good for a prolonged time afterwards.

So now you've got the values of each, what’s the number of stressful to non stressful activities?

Now you're starting to get a picture of what you need to do to achieve “balance” in your life. Sure everyone’s definition of balance in their life is different to the next. You may be feeling “good” on the outside.. but deep down hormonally that’s where you could be suffering. Your effort to make work a part of your life could well be masking an underlying issue hormonally or mentally

In the big scheme of things if your stressful pursuits outway your non stressful you may or most likely have a hormonal imbalance which can lead to things like illness, inability to lose weight/fat, be able to sleep soundly, mood swings, depression, low sex drive (we never want that), poor eating choices and a list of other issues.

Now I’m not saying quit your job, leave your partner, or stop exercising.

What I’m challenging you to do is have a look at the stressor list. Pick 3 small things you can cut back on. This may be one heavily vigorous training session when you’re body is telling you that it needs a rest, putting down that 3pm chocolate bar or cupcake, stepping away from a conflict and taking a breath. These are just the starting points.

The next thing is implementing 3 Small things to replace those you’ve removed. Some things you could start with;

  • Yoga
  • Meditation
  • One day of plant based eating.
  • Turning your phone onto flight mode 60mins before bed and going to be without technology.
  • Walking barefoot on the grass, beach sand or forest.
  • Hug someone
  • Have sex, many times.

Ultimately it doesn’t matter what you choose as long as you are feeling relaxed and not in a state of stress or fatigue afterwards.


As we learn more and more about the hormonal system and how it dictates pretty much everything we do. We have to listen to the signs it is giving us before we crash and burn. Believe me, i've been there done that and it’s not a fun time when all you want to do is exercise non stop. But all your left with is the yang, walking, sleeping, meditation, yoga.... But boy does it help to open your eyes.

I’ve been implementing yoga, meditation and low impact activities into my face to face and online clients programming for a fair while now. They are reaping the benefits from this in all aspects of their lives, weightloss, muscle gain, strength and cardiovascular improvements, improved sleep and day to day functioning and clarity.

This isn't just for one particular group of people. This is for the mums, the dads, the high level athlete to the weekend warrior, the yoga instructor to the high level corporate business exec.


No I’m not fucking fine, can’t you see that?


Are you ok.... yep I’m fine...

How often have you heard or even said this. But deep down you’ve known you are hurting inside or the person you are asking really isn’t.

I think this simple little question has and is doing so much to shine a light on mental health and “starting” the conversation.

But how many of you actually feel equipped with the tools to handle what the answer may be?

How many of you have said yep I’m ok or I’m just tired or some other excuse in fear of judgement or not wanting to “burden” the person asking??

Recently on my road trip I heard a segment on triple j where the dj’s started an open forum about unwanted conversations with uber drivers after the one female dj had asked hers how his day was going and the uber driver opened with “would you really like to know” and then proceeded to tell her of his crumbling life. The girl then proceeded to not give him anything in support. Now this is fine she wasn’t to know what he was going to say or do. But then to make his plight a segment on the radio. That’s what really struck a cord with me, if we are going to help overcome mental health issues we need to become better equipped and understanding of those who may be seeking help.

Now this isn’t a blog about how she acted.

It’s to shine the light on just how do we act or react when someone does come to us for help and thus cementing the stigma for those in need of a chat to not talk and let it fester and bubble away in side them.

Now this is what I want.

I want to elevate “are you ok” to that next level.

To bring and give people the tools to help and the guidance to be able to talk to their friends and families without stigma and not knowing how to react or run when someone does actually open up. What I want to do is work with organisations in the mental health industry to be able to bring that tool kit to life. 

Now I am aware that there is quite often the case of people needing more qualified help than that of a loved one or even a stranger. But In getting these tools to people and opening up the discussion with how people are feeling it’s a step in better supporting those who are feeling at a loss or dispair. 

So my call to action today, if you’re a mental health professional I want to hear from you, I want to work with you in helping elevate “r u ok” to that next level. Also if you’ve been through and are still going through problems of your own, I want to hear from you, tell me what works and what doesn’t and where you’ve found it tough or easy to talk to people. If you’re a family or friend who has asked r u ok and have gotten an answer you weren’t ready for, I want to hear how you dealt with it or how you didn’t. We’ll put together all of these experiences and get the best possible HELP to the wider community and start kick this black dogs butt! So hit me with your stories/experiences/professional advice and lets do this!! 

But remember....

YOU got this, YOU are awesome, YOU are strong and YOU’ll be ok, the clouds will clear up and the blue sky will return for a brighter day.  

I can be contacted at:


insta: @tysonven


Changing mindest for Time management

Sunrise over Lurline Bay. Each day brings a new beginning. It's what you choose to do with it.

Sunrise over Lurline Bay. Each day brings a new beginning. It's what you choose to do with it.

Too many times I found myself sitting for anywhere up to a 1.5hrs at a time staring at my phone screen. Hitting refresh after refresh waiting for new content to pop up on my social feeds. 

These hours i had been wasting away were beginning to add up, and continually left me with this sense of despair and anxiety that i had not achieved what i had planned to do for the day. I subscribe to a podcast by Eric Thomas (the hip hop preacher) - The Secret to Success | Inspiration | Personal Development. In this series of podcasts they talk about the need to stop making excuses and look at why you are not succeeding in every form of your life and how you can change it by simply making some changes to those areas you have identified.

These for me being procrastination of setting up this very website, spending far too much time on social media and group chats with my buddies. So i set out to change my mindset that i couldn't get ahead, that i was always destined to fail by changing these three distractions and current problems.

Firstly i removed myself from the pesky group chats that were almost consuming as much time as some people's part time jobs. In doing this it freed up time for me to spend on developing this website and finding more work.

I have cut down my facebook, instagram checks to a few times a day. Which has now allowed me even more time to work on my passion of being the best PT and small business owner i could possibly be.

Now i have got these aspects under control i am working on other attributes to my life to make the year 2016 one of my best yet. Pay off debts, Run an even more successful Personal training business, spend more time learning new methods of training and fitness so i can pass this on to my clients and also become a better, less socially closed off member of society by simply putting down those devices that are supposed to be making us smarter.